AAPTA  - A Very Special Membership

Maintaining an atmosphere of openness and sharing, where members are willing to share research and resources and exchange ideas on Technical Analysis and the markets, requires members:

  1. Who are proficient at their profession and bring experience and knowledge to discussions, and
  2. Maintain high professional and ethical standards.

The focus of AAPTA is not on maximizing membership, but maximizing a positive experience for its members. The association  maintains strict entrée requirements to ensure that members are proficient and sets the highest standards when it comes to professionalism and ethics. All members must subscribe to the pursuit of sharing and improving the technical tools and data used to analyze supply/demand imbalances in the markets.


Applicants for Membership

AAPTA welcomes new members. New members bring new ideas, new enthusiasms, and new energy to the association; however, applicants for AAPTA membership must meet important requirements, including:

  • professional employment in an analytical or investment-management capacity for a minimum of five years
  • the sponsorship of an AAPTA member (this can be gained after application submission)
  • a sincere interest in sharing and expanding the knowledge base of technical analysis.

There is a 30-day application review period as well as approval from the membership committee.  Once approved, annual membership dues of $110 are payable.

New members are entered into and have access to the AAPTA membership directory, as well as AAPTA’s monthly and annual events and online gallery. They receive email updates on all Association activities as well as IFTA programs and can add, read and comment on content posted by other Technical Analysts.

Apply online: AAPTA New Member Candidate Form

Download: PDF Membership Application

AAPTA Bylaws