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Sunday Evening ZOOM Discussions

 Member-only discussions by email invitation allow AAPTA members to focus on trading strategies, market aberrations, and issues of the current market cycle.

Member-Sponsored Webinars

Offered to members via email notifications.

Annual Conference

AAPTA offers periodic conferences to facilitate in person networking and exchange of ideas and innovations. Sponsorship opportunities available.

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WEBINAR - Mastering Trading Psychology – Unlock the Secrets to Profitable Trading

Roland Ullrich, CFA, Trading Coach and Trading Psychology Expert
Thursday, 23 March 2023

Technicals to Trading Systems Conference

18 April 2023, City of London - In person and online
Sponsor - Society of Technical Analysts Ltd. STA
Affiliate Partner - IFTA

IFTA Journal Call for Submissions

The IFTA Journal is an annual publication established by the International Federation of Technical Analysts. It is collated by a committee of IFTA colleagues. Submissions due by 31 May.

IFTA Conference 2023
JAKARTA, Indonesia
5 - 7 October!

Jakarta is an alpha world city and is the seat of the ASEAN secretariat. Financial institutions such as the Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and corporate headquarters of numerous Indonesian companies and multinational corporations are located in the city.

Revisit the 2022 IFTA Conference 7-9 October, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia.