Benefits of AAPTA Membership

One of the greatest benefits of AAPTA membership is the ability to meet with technical analysts who speak the same obscure language of numbers, trends, and indicators and delight in new analytical approaches.

As a relatively small association, each member has an opportunity to shape the conversation, develop webinars, in-person events, special activities and more.

Regular AAPTA programs include:

  1. Monthly Zoom brainstorming sessions encompassing current systems and signals, new ideas, new market challenges or the main topic of the day.
  2. Member E-List for updates on AAPTA, IFTA, and industry events
  3. Member-driven webinars
  4. Annual AAPTA conference

To make certain you are receiving AAPTA and IFTA event notices, visit Member Portal, review your profile, email address and current contact information and update as necessary.  Add a picture or logo for more identification. Under the category Features, you will find the AAPTA  E-List, where messages to the membership can be posted.