The American Association of Professional Technical Analysts is the premier place for accomplished professional technicians to engage in networking, open dialogue and thought-provoking get-togethers. AAPTA provides a forum for its members to share research and resources, exchange ideas on Technical Analysis and the markets, and facilitate the highest level of professionalism in our field.

 Members share ideas and information through AAPTA's online forums, while the nation's brightest minds in the business speak at AAPTA's annual conferences.  One-day brainstorming meetings also foster the intellectual development of our members.

 Strict entrée requirements ensure that members are proficient and set the highest standards when it comes to professionalism and ethics.  Our membership includes the sharpest minds among money managers, analysts, advisors and traders. All subscribe to the pursuit of sharing and improving the technical tools and data used to analyze supply/demand imbalances in the markets.

 AAPTA applicants must have seven consecutive years of using Technical Analysis in their primary professional occupation, as well as the sponsorship of two AAPTA members.  Applicants are then subject to a 30-day review period by the other AAPTA members as well as approval from the membership committee. 

AAPTA was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2004 and is a proud member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. For more information on membership, please contact us at [email protected].

 Read What Members Have to say about AAPTA!                                          

"The Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA) offers those of us who have been employed as a technical analyst to focus on subjects that are of particular interest to us. Our annual conference is second to none."  Greg Morris

"AAPTA is the ultimate technical analysis group of professionals interacting with professionals and thus is my favorite of such organizations."
Charles D. Kirkpatrick

"I am grateful for the professional forum that AAPTA has provided for me to share research and ideas with my peers." 
Linda Raschke

"The AAPTA brings me in contact with high caliber, professional technicians. The level of camaraderie, communication and collegiality is outstanding."  Cynthia Kase

"I find the interchange to be amazingly generous, feeling I have been less active in this than some others, but appreciate it all."
Louise Yamada

"My favorite part of being an AAPTA member is being able to attend the conferences and workshops, where not only is there an exchange of excellent ideas (I always learn something), but there is plenty of camaraderie and fun as well."  Larry McMillan 


The AAPTA Board of Directors is seeking people who are looking to volunteer with the planning and setup of the 2020 IFTA Annual Conference hosted by AAPTA. Please contact Peter Mauthe with your name and contact information to be a part of this important and FUN committee!